Say Anything November 28, 2015

‘Sup people.

We’re working on a new song for… something. Years ago, we embraced the cliche of having a bunch of people yell along to the choruses of our punks songs. We haven’t done it in a while, so we decided if we’re going to bring it back, we’d like to employ the best yellers in the business: you guys, who have proven your yell-y mettle at show after show.

So basically here’s the instructions on how to join the giant gang of folks who are going to yell on this new song. We’ll take submissions this week (Dec 1st – 6th).

Step 1 Download the “guide file” below
Step 2 Open audio file in the Audio Workstation of your choice (Garageband, Logic, Pro Tools, etc.)
Step 3 Record your vocal to a single new track (don’t get too close to the mic)
Step 4 Mute the original guide track
Step 5 Export file to one of the following formats: WAV, AAC, AIFF
Step 6 Change filename to your first and last name
Step 7 Upload your new file using the form below:

Send your yelling to us and then when you yell along to the song at our show, you’ll be yelling along to your own vocals. Yell.


Download the gang vocal part:

Upload File here:

p.s. Make sure use your name as the filename (john_doe.wav). At some point, we’ll post them. Thanks!