Say Anything December 24, 2012

Max Bemis song shop with Sherri DuPree Bemis

We’re thrilled to announce we’ll be opening the Max Bemis Shop for the first time in 2013 on February 4th, 2013 at 12am central us time (as in the beginning of that day).

Not only is this in and of itself a cool happening, but we will be offering, for the first time ever, after a lot of requesting by you guys, the option to buy a song featuring collaborative vocals by me AND my wife Sherri DuPree Bemis, who fronts Eisley and sings with me in Perma. Essentially it’ll be like buying your own Perma song!

For those not familiar with the it, Song Shop is a place for fans of my music to buy song written and performed by me about anything you want. We’ve sent out songs to over 2000 stoked Song Shoppers and the project has developed into something amazing over the past few years.

Some details:

Though not the only reason to buy a “Featuring Sherri” song, one of our goals with this new feature is to make the perfect Valentine’s Day present for 2013.

Though you don’t at all need to want a love song in order to have Sherri sing on the track, we’re going to offer a special Valentine’s Day-friendly package for anyone who buys a “Featuring Sherri” song.

Basically, since we obviously won’t be able to get done hundreds of songs before V-Day 2013, and we have a baby coming around that time, if you do buy one of those songs, you’ll receive a link to a printable V-Day themed certificate that lets whoever you’re giving the gift to know that they’ve got a song coming this year (this is optional in case you want to surprise them later on.) Also, you’ll get a free download of an exclusive mp3 featuring Sherri and I that you can listen to or send immediately. This free downloadable song will be centered on the fact that your loved one has a Song Shop coming. That way you’ll have something cool to give them on the actual date.

However, the “Featuring Sherri” option extends to any subject matter. This option will be available exclusively (for now) as a full length Song Shop Song that features vocals from both of us and will be sold for $207- So not an exorbitant amount more than a regular full length Song Shop Song.

As always, we’ll be offering regular Song Shop songs sung by just me at the same rates listed on the site, as well as the option to buy EPs or full albums of Song Shop Songs. You can even add a “Featuring Sherri” song to your EP or Album or have it completely comprised of them. EPs are sold through the email address listed on our site and are comprised of four or more songs of any length- this will get you a 10% discount.

SO – Very excited to get this going and appreciate all the excitement I’ve received about opening up again. Please spread the word to your friends or let your loved one know this is something you’d like if you want the V-Day present option.

Thanks guys! Stay tuned to my twitter as I usually take questions about the Shop and/or set up a skype account to discuss stuff with y’all.

For more info on Song Shop, and to buy your song when it opens:

To hear an example of Sherri and Max collaborating, check out the free download of their Perma track “Knockout” on