Say Anything November 4, 2014

Max Bemis Song Shop


For the first time in over a year, and due to popular demand, Max Bemis Song Shop will be opening it’s door for orders on December 5th, 2014 in time for the Holidays!

The Song Shop has been ongoing for 6-7 years: a place where fans of Say Anything or Max’s other projects can buy their very own song written specifically about them or someone else, about any subject they want, whether it’s light-hearted, romantic, cathartic or dark. Song Shop has resulted in thousands of enthusiastic responses from buyers and is well known for a deeply personal experience. The song is followed at some point later on by a call from Max!

Since this “wave” of songs correlates with the holidays, anyone who wants to give the song as a gift will receive a free holiday printout to give to the recipient when they “open” their present and a free download of a separate short song letting them know their song is on the way within the next few months.

Songs start at $75 for a “half song” (1.5-2 minutes), $150 dollars for a normal song (2.5-4.5 minutes or more) and $205 for a full length song featuring additional vocals by Sherri, Max’s wife and bandmate in Perma. You can also email Max directly at to discuss a 10% discount on EP’s or full albums of Songs (at least 4 or more), where the lyrics can tie together thematically and sonically, not unlike a concept record.

To purchase a song when it opens, or read more about the details of the project, simply go to

The songs have always sold out quickly, so be ready the day it opens or soon after to buy one so you can ensure one of the limited spots.