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Say Anything In-store at Banquet Records in the UK

Say Anything May 4, 2012

On May 25th, Say Anything are performing an in-store session at Banquet Records in Kingston, UK. Details below:

Say Anything In-store
Banquet Records
5/25/12 @ 5:00pm
52 Eden Street
Kingston, UK
(020) 8549-5871
FREE, but find info on grabbing tickets to guarantee entry HERE

Watch Max’s Acoustic Sessions with Nervous Energies

Say Anything April 30, 2012

Max performed 3 Nervous Energies session while in Atlanta in April 2012: “Say Anything”, “Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too”, and “Showdown in P-Town”.

Max Performs “Say Anything” Acoustic for MTV’s “Buzzworthy Live”

Say Anything April 25, 2012

Watch Max perform an intimate, acoustic version of “Say Anything” for MTV’s “Buzzworthy Live”!

Video Premiere: “Say Anything”

Say Anything April 20, 2012

mtvU premiered a new video for the latest single off ‘Anarchy, My Dear’, “Say Anything”. Directed by Darren King (MUTEMATH), the whimsical video is made up of a series of still photographs that took four days to shoot in Tyler, TX. Watch it HERE!

“Never have had so much fun or put so much work into making a video. Really, very, extremely proud of this one. Darren is a genius.” -Max

Say Anything April 11, 2012

Photo of Max and Sherri on stage at the House of Blues Chicago show April 4, 2012. Photo credit: Sam Callahan.

Photo: Say Anything at House of Blues, Chicago – 4/4/12

Say Anything April 9, 2012

House of Blues, Chicago – 4/4/12. Photo taken by Lindsay Stayton.,

Limited Time Only Sale at the Say Anything Online Store

Say Anything April 7, 2012

For a limited time only, if you buy Say Anything’s new album ‘Anarchy My Dear’ on vinyl & any T Shirt at their online store, you’ll get $5.00 off your order!