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Rolling Stone Premieres “So Good”

Say Anything February 28, 2012

Rolling Stone premiered “So Good”, the latest single off Say Anything’s forthcoming album. Visit their site HERE for a free download of the song while you get excited for the release of ‘Anarchy, My Dear’ on March 13th!

Read An Essay Max Wrote for Spinner

Say Anything February 24, 2012

In anticipation of ‘Anarchy, My Dear’ being released March 13th, Max wrote an essay for Spinner in which he gives his definition of the word, “Anarchy”.  Read “Say Anything’s Max Bemis: Creating Anarchy is for the Greater Good” HERE.

Grab a Free Download of “Burn A Miracle” from RCRD LBL

Say Anything February 23, 2012

Visit the blog RCRD LBL and grab a free download of “Burn A Miracle”!

Welcome to the New and Improved!

Max Bemis February 19, 2012

Hey y’all.

Can’t believe how nutty everything has been the past few weeks, but I am very, very stoked about our new site, our upcoming tour and the release of Anarchy, My Dear!!

Planning a pretty freaking intense set list for tour featuring a crap load of our most intense material, a few new ones and some never before played jams.

Come out and see us and let’s do this!!


Watch the Lyric Video for “Say Anything”

Say Anything February 19, 2012

Watch the brand new lyric video for Say Anything’s latest single off Anarchy, My Dear, “Say Anything” at!

Max Bemis’ Guest Blog Post in American Songwriter

Say Anything February 19, 2012

Max listed five of his biggest inspirations for ‘Anarchy, My Dear’ (out March 13th!) for a guest blog post in American Songwriter. Find out what they are at

Max Bemis Forms Rory Records as an Imprint of Equal Vision Records, Signs Tampa’s TALLHART

Say Anything February 19, 2012

Today, Equal Vision Records and Max Bemis have announced the arrival of Rory Records, a label formed by Max as an imprint of EVR. Both parties are extremely excited to welcome TALLHART as the first band signed to the new label. Please read below for a message from Max.

“I am very, very proud to announce that, for the first time, I’ll be stepping behind the scenes of music rather than dancing around onstage like a buffoon. I always told myself i wouldn’t do such a thing unless I believed in and loved a band to the utmost degree, and if I could find a label partner that I could truly trust and enjoy working with. Well, peeps, that day has come!. Today, we can finally announce that i am forming an imprint within Equal Vision Records, that I’ll be running with the help and support of the label, hopefully defining ourselves by a mixture  of very eccentric stuff with a broad appeal. The imprint, entitled Rory Records, is signing not only our first band, but the first band to make me flip out enough to want to do this with. They are TALLHART, a brilliant young band from Tampa who can write a stadium rock-level anthem like nobody’s business but don’t shy away from lovely, dense songwriting. They also put on a sickeningly great live show. To me, they combine the best elements of early U2, Manchester Orchestra and sort of a young Pearl Jam (that last one is a pretty weird call, but I stand by it) : basically smart and brave music rich with swelling, unfiltered feeling. I’ll be working closely with them on many aspects of their music and the record, and am extremely excited for the release of their EVR/Rory Records debut EP, as well as getting to formally present them to you on tour this spring with Say Anything. More news of this to come. Please check out TALLHART music and info at: