“Say Anything singer debuts ‘Polarity’ comic in April”

Say Anything January 17, 2013
Boom! comics Polarity, Max Bemis, Say Anything

CLICK IMAGE FOR USA TODAY PRESS RELEASE: Say Anything singer Max Bemis mines his personal struggles with bipolar disorder for his debut comic book, 'Polarity.' (Photo: Boom! Studios)

In perhaps what is the most exciting development to me in my artistic life since I formed Say Anything, I’m thrilled to announce that my first comic series, POLARITY, will be debuting in April through the wonderful folks at BOOM! Studios. I am an obsessive comics fan to say the least so this is the actualization of a long time dream and I foresee myself continuing to write A LOT in the future, so this will, hopefully, be where it all begins.


The story revolves around something very personal to me, the struggle with bipolar disorder, but it’s filtered through a slightly twisted angle. In the story, our hero develops superhuman abilities while in his manic state, so the crazier he becomes, the more powerful he gets.  However, POLARITY is much less a story about a young man with powers, and more so about being 21 years old and growing into yourself in the oppressively hip Brooklyn society that I was involved in at  that time of my life (see the last song on our first record for proof).


I am SO proud of what we’ve created so far. I think fans of my music in particular will be excited that the roots of POLARITY lie in the story that I created for the musical that never was, but became the blueprint for our first record …Is A Real Boy. In many ways, this is that same story, told through a different medium. Anyhoo, can’t wait for you guys to pick up the book, and see you in April. Wahoo!   –  mb

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