Burn A Miracle

1-2-3-4 and 5.
Blood ran cold but I’m coming alive.

I once courted a boy.
He looked a lot like me but his eyelids were destroyed
And his pupils kept sucking up data files like noodles.
He pleasured himself to the music
Of well-dressed inbred college students
As his girlfriend starved on the altar
To his blog of the sickening things he would call her
But now I’m coming alive
And like a weed through fields of placid posies thrive,
Spewing glory,
All draped in guts and the sense of a story.
I need a song meant to rally the devils
Who dance on fields of brilliant treble.
I need to ask you children a question
“Do you really want to stand stiff at attention?”

Do you want it? Do you need it? Do you feel it?
Do you see it? Believe it? Do you want it?

Burn a miracle if you’ve got a soul.
Burn America if you’ve got a soul.

I saw Stereohead.
They looked a lot like the same band but they were deaf
And their singer
Kept twirling around on a slick middle finger.
And I’m awash in thunder and venom.
They try to hold you down but I won’t let ‘em
As we emerge from the muck and the mire.
We’re gonna set their champagne god on fire.

Burn the dream.

I know a place where the moon goes to fly.
I know that dreams swarm and sting as they die.
Let their corpses ride horses and stab through the sun.
You loathe a life that you’ve barely begun to live!

Say Anything

Condemn my race to genocide if it meant that I could lay with you.
I’d listen to a piercing squeal on a loop to make this real with you.
Forfeit Grandma’s civil rights if it meant I’d save the life of you
And spit upon a Bible, dear, if it meant I’d stay right here with you.

I’d do anything for you.

If Satan showed up with a gun, threatened be disloyal or I’ll shoot,
I’d take it in the kneecaps rather than to be that guy to you.
I’d throw up every morning, pull my nails out, take a wrench to all my teeth
To put a ring upon your digit, have you fidget in your bed with me.

I’d condemn my race to genocide.
Listen to a piercing squeal.
If it meant that I could lay with you.
If I could only make this real.

Night’s Song

Stumble onto the pavement. They’re still strapped tight to bed.
They’ve got a fetish for sheep and straight jacket sheets
But I’ve got Randy Newman in my head.
This is no corn-fed day. It’s gloomy, blue and cold.
So let the muggings occur. I feel secure.
They say that I’m peculiar but

Oh, I don’t know. I don’t care. I’ll be waiting for you there.
Crave this chill. Bathe in black. All the ghouls and fiends attack.
Knees go weak and I swoon underneath the pallid moon.
Praise the night and praise the night, the only time I feel alright.

Under the Sun God’s stare I wince and blossom hives,
Counting the fractions of day and rotting away
As businessmen just drink away their lives
But when the stars, once shy, come bloom and blanket earth
I feel beloved and blessed, and quite Byronesque.
I need to just get off my chest that

Oh, I don’t know. I don’t care. I’ll be waiting for you there.
Crave this chill. Bathe in black. All the ghouls and fiends attack.
Eyes erupt, head combusts, and I swoon underneath the pallid moon.

Praise the night and praise the night, the only time I feel alright!

Admit It Again

When I’m dead I’ll rest.
Admit it, you lecherous douche!
You were listening to my band in 2004,
Though you claim you were reared on The Stooges.
Your entire façade is a line that you feed to anorexic actresses
Who would have laughed at your jacked up Navajo haircut less than a decade ago.
Don’t want to hear about how the latest Rihanna single
Is a post-modern masterpiece. Stop punishing me!
Fueled by a potent mixture of cocaine and latent insecurities.
Defining your own self-worth by the opinion of a stupid website
With Satan as its figurehead.
Now you pass your pestilence on to your Ritalin addled children.
Well, my mother didn’t raise no fool.
God! My blood boils at the thought of you, poser.

You’ll never cut me down again and
The crap rains down.

I’m sure you’re proud that you’ve usurped the popular kids’ table,
You son of a @#$%,
Which means you’ve forfeited your dubious “anti-cred”
By buying into your own inflated hype.
And I don’t define my enemies by the clothes they wear
Or the pretentious bands they like.
It’s about how you seek to control minds
Just to appease what you’ve always lacked.

You’ll never have your say again.
You’ll never wield those words again.
Caught up in it. So full of it. You’ll never have your say again
And the crap rains down.

Don’t want nobody. Don’t need nobody but me.
No ashtray life, no ant-farm university
And when I rend my skin and reveal my core you’ll see,
When I perpetrate your reversed lobotomy,
You’ll see.

I’m all I wanna be.
Don’t want nobody. Don’t need nobody but me.

So Good

I have the sketchy past, yet I have shed my wings.
Cold turkey now, hanging by a heartstring.
Dangle over her above the pulsing bar.
She tries to catch my eye. Her gaze is deafening.
What do you call a lass, conservatively dressed,
With a glimmer in her eye that screams I’m next?
I am the greezy chump with whom she’ll fall in love.
If I’m her fall from grace then she’s my christening.

You look so good tonight.
Break down those walls tonight
And when we’re good and close I think I’ll steal your time.
They can shoot on sight but it’s alright.
You look so good tonight.

I don’t care which prophet you adore or who you voted for.
It won’t discourage lovesick former man-whore.
Your skin against my own, I’ll be your Olly Stone.
You’ll be my Audrey Hep. You can have what is left
And we’ll combine to be some kind of Japanese mecha-creation
With two fused persuasions.
We’ll destroy the earth and herald it’s rebirth
As somewhere where someone like you would hit on me.

This could produce a meltdown but I think we’re doing fine.
We can tear and break the maps apart,
Shatter all their lines.
When the universe that is not comes to kill our love and trust
I only want your soul to know it feels so good with us.

I’ve gotta have you now.


Dressed in rags and drenched in sweat,
Spinning something that world will soon forget.
Handkerchief and girlfriend jeans,
You’re not privy to the splendid things I’ve seen.
Kill that DJ. Clear the floor.
Have a seizure in the leisure of the bored.
Damn their mob mentality.
If you’re sick of it then sing it with me:

It’s my life and I’ll live it without you.
It’s my song it was never about you at all.

Social climber. Suck up. Slave.
You had a moment and you dragged it out for days.
Here’s the conflict that you crave:
I’m the phoenix in the death of a fleeting phase.

You were everything I wanted.
You were everything I need at all.
I’ve gotta let you go.
Is it everything you wanted?
Is it everything you need at all?
I’ve gotta let you go.
Now you seem to find your place amongst the sheep.
Now you seem to find your place away from me.

Peace Out

Sometimes I feel a baby nipping softly at my heel.
A reminder of how fat and scared you loved to make me feel.
The curse of such a fetching fraud without a soul to speak
Inspired thirty songs I could have written in my sleep.
You snort a line of syphilis and run the marathon.
Your mentally deficient friends just ask you what you’re on.
I may be shy and not reply to your scathing review
But I’d rather subsist on venom. Let him stay with you.

I’ll be fine.
I’ll sever this for all time.
I’ll laugh it off when this ends.
You can just go get high with all of your dumb friends.

I was the kind to ask what wrongdoing had injured Dahmer’s pride
Or to excuse the junkie thief with diamonds in his eyes
But now I taste a righteous fury sparkling with hate
While you diddle this earth up and then kvetch, “Mommy, it’s too late!”
I’ll bite your head off, spit it out and let it plunge away.
You and all your kind won’t stamp your future on today.
The beat thumps loud. You sweat it out and grind on them for drugs.
You hug that pole like a firefighter falling in love.

Never another song.
Never another thought.
Not for you.

You were my crutch but now I’ve escaped your clutch.
So how is that worm’s eye view?
I have grown two broad wings and now I’m above you.


In this dream I have I’m staring off a balcony
To an open wound.
Where all the suckers who have wronged me will be marching off
To their impending doom.
All the cowards who have spurned me, thinking in reverse,
Revel and they swoon.
Screaming all the way down, “I want this so bad.”

I want it so bad.
“And you’re the right boy at the right time”.

You’ll fax your number to me garnished with a friendly note
Apologizing for
All of the time you kept me waiting eating all I could
And pounding at your door.
Spurn all the pop stars who’re sucking at Satan’s teat.
I’ll give you so much more ‘cuz you believe in me now.

I can feel. I can taste it. I can make it. Say you will
And we’ll get it started.

Of Steel

I fell and slipped in a pool of spit
That my parents spat out on the day they split.
Fell clumsily through twigs and trees
Into a pile of dudes who were as screwed as me.
Well, guess what? You showed up
With a cape and a dress, to dress my cuts.
Nice to meetcha, I’m cliché!
I have this baggage but can you save me?

Can you save me?
‘Cuz I don’t want to end up like they are.
I don’t want get stuck like they are.
I don’t want to give it up like they are.
Can you save me?

Disfigured fiends with sadistic schemes
Have got it out for the woman of my dreams.
I’m a helpless mess. Damsel in distress
Caught staring at the symbol on her chest.
You chose me out of these
Sea of klutzes-cum-triple-amputees.
Unworthy of all your time
While I dance here amongst the landmines

‘Cuz I wanted you.
Do you want me too?
‘Cuz I notice you.
Do you notice anything I do?

Can you save me tonight?

Anarchy, My Dear

Anarchy, your wish is my command.
I’ll free the atom from its cell and place it in your hand.
Reach beneath my coat of winter fat
And tear my beating heart out. We’re the beauty and the brat.
Oh, love.

Like a fallen star, I fell for you.
Do anything you want me to
And most of all, I’d die for you.
It’s true.
You touch the world and all is set askew.

Anarchy, my dear,
The brazen and the queer,
We bow before you, Anarchy, my dear.
Anarchy, my dame,
I quiver at your name.
I bow before you, baby, born in flames.

I dream of days that we might share
Where God’s no useless effigy of something barely there.
Let all these kings become our clowns
And I will serenade the choice we made to burn the mother down.
Oh, love.

Like a synonym defined by you.
Feel hope ‘cuz I’m reminded to by you.
The fools surmised they blinded you.
It’s true.
Your love unlearned the broken life I knew.

You coat me in blasphemy where once I was so blind.
More beauty than their spacious skies with boundaries undefined.
You whisper truths in my eardrum as we lay here entwined.
I’ve searched for love for oh so long but one day I will find you.

The Stephen Hawking

I watch you hit the stage like a willing bomb strapped to crippled children.
It’s hard to watch you whore out your damaged pride.
I spit on what you’re building.
We rally in the bowels of a sweaty club. Prepare for insurrections
And all the dead souls that you would control are bound for resurrections.
Your father was a lover and he left you there in need of their attention.
You fill his blank page with the brightest shame,
The death of all invention.
If you’re the new Christ of what will suffice, I’m Satan to your savior.
So sing it out loud if you don’t believe in lies and good behavior:
“If you’re the sun, I’m a black hole.
There must be something in the way you burn that makes me lose control.”

I’m happy to report that, though life is short, I’m living it to ashes.
I might have had a few but I grip the wheel and now I’m speeding past this
So if you should approach with your blue and white and attempt to pull me over,
I have a few words for the weak of heart, the solemn and the sober.

Basking in the glow of a dying star. Bowing down blind to the scum you are.
Take a little second just to hear me out. Marching off a cliff like you’re free of doubt.
You’re Jesus growing fat off of Roman gold,
Moses making up the commandments told,
Allah strapped tight to a stolen nuke
Or Elvis in a pool of his royal puke.
You’ll never be alive because you sold your soul.
I don’t even want to take you home tonight.

You’ll bleed to feed the demon in me
If you don’t change your evil ways and end this peacefully.
I beg you before you’re digested, shred your lids and see.
You won’t curry favor with that flavor, curried tastefully.
I’ll swallow you and grind you up and you will cease to be.
I can’t let this go with you.